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Always Florida is a product of Many Press International Group, which also manages the newspapers Granja News and Alpha Times among other various corporate newspapers in Brazil. Our newspaper is distributed in Granja Viana and Alphaville region with more than 20,000 copies every month and the big difference is that we are audited by our own customers.
Now with this new website registered in the United States, Always Florida is making Many Press International Group the first group in the region to internationalize their activities.
The inspiration to create Always Florida came from the love that the group owners has for the United States, especially the state of Florida where they travel at least twice a year.
When searching sites related to the subject, they detected the absence of a website that gave information of all the state, instead it was focused only in one city such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa, key West or other tourist destination.
In adition, as a frequent Sunshine State visitor, they were always consulted by other tourists to give tips and information of what to do and where to stay in Florida, this also made them decide to enter the tourism market creating Always Florida website. In addition, their customers also expressed the interest in extending their partnerships to Always Florida since a good number of Brazilians are traveling and moving to the United States.
With content in Portuguese and now in English, Always Florida is expanding the information not only to Brazilians but to other citizens. Here, you will find constant updates with all kind of informations – culture, hospitality, shopping, entertainment and much more. It brings all the details of each city. Always Florida also offers very important tips for first-time travelers, such as – how to issue passport and visa, what to bring on the trip, what cannot be taken in the plane and so on.
And if you have any tips for other tourists, you can use our forum with other Internet users and exchange information, tips and experiences. We also have a basic dictionary in English, with a few words and phrases essential for your survival while visiting Florida.
Hope you like our website and have a very safe trip! Enjoy your vacations and give us a feedback when possible!

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